Technical resources –

That is what we are about.  You need them.  We provide them.  The first step in this process is our working with you to define exactly what you need.  In addition to technical skills, work experience and education, we elicit other requirements like leadership, verbal and written skills, creativity, team work, independence, productivity and adaptability.  We work with you to understand your technology, your work requirements and your company’s culture.  We then present individuals or teams while considering all of this criteria.

We deliver programmers and project managers, database administrators and digital circuit design engineers.  If you need technical resources and are willing to work with us to define your needs, we’ll provide them for you.

We specialize in several subject matter areas.  These include:

  • Customer Care & Billing
  • Digital & Analog Circuit Design and Engineering
  • Anti Tamper Engineering
  • Java Programming

Flexibility –

You need technical resources.  We will work with you on how to provide them.  We provide individuals and complete teams.  If you wish, we supply resources that are your Full Time Employees from day one.  We provide temporary to permanent personnel as well as short and long term contractors.  We contract with our clients for years or for months.  Our focus is your need.

Persistence –

The odds are the right resources are difficult to find.  Armed with a thorough understanding of what you need, we scour public, private, social and networked venues to get you what you need.  Many of our candidates come from our hunting people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity until we make them aware of yours.  We don’t stop until you are satisfied.